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At Brayside Community Preschool, our kids participate in a variety of exciting events and activities throughout the year which they thoroughly enjoy being a part of

Making Japanese Paper Bags

Newspaper and Origami

We were very lucky to have the Higo family come to our preschool and do a Japanese newspaper bags workshop with us. The workshop combined “Newspaper and Origami“ to make a new form of eco bag. Misa explained to us the origins of the making of the eco bags.

“There is a very beautiful river in my hometown. However, it was polluted every year due to environmental pollution. The townspeople stopped wrapping things in plastic to protect the beautiful river, and they made newspaper bags and put the product in it. Newspaper bags are packed with Japanese origami technology and a desire to cherish people’s environment”.

Misa and her aunt from Japan make some newspaper bags and brought them to our preschool. In the workshop we made whales by origami with children and then decorated the newspaper bags with origami. Misa and her Aunt showed the children many types of paper bags and told them about the impact of plastic products on whales. We are so thankful for this amazing experience of sharing beautiful culture and environmental awareness with our children.