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At Brayside Community Preschool, our kids participate in a variety of exciting events and activities throughout the year which they thoroughly enjoy being a part of

Learning About Bees

Today we were lucky to continue our learning about bees and the important role they play in the environment and producing food for us.
Michael visited our preschool bringing in lots of different bee related tools showing us how to keep bees safe and how to extract their honey.
He taught us all about how much hard work goes into making honey, the shapes bees naturally make when producing wax, what happens to baby bees and how far they can fly. We were amazed to learn how much work the bees do just to provide one small jar of honey.
We loved this experience ,asking questions, watching the bees working, and having a turn each of spinning the honey in the extractor to separate the honey from the comb.
We thank Michael for sharing this with us and for giving us a take a special treat home. We all got our own honey!