Management Committee

Brayside Preschool Management Committee serve the interests of the organisation's members, employees and families and children using the preschool

Management Committee

Management Committee

Responsibility and Sustainability

Brayside Preschool management committee has overall responsibility to members for the sustainability and relevance of the service.

Quality Improvement Plan

The management will direct its activities towards achieving the organisation’s goals and implementing the organisation’s Quality Improvement Plan. We achieve this by guiding and monitoring the organisation’s business and affairs in line with the objects as set out in the organisation’s rules and in line with the organisation’s philosophy.

Contribution to the Community

In carrying out its responsibilities, the management committee undertakes to maximise the value and contribution of the organisation to the community. We serve the interests of the organisation’s members, employees and families and children using the preschool. In serving these interests there is an implicit understanding that the rights of the child are paramount in all decision making.

Quality Education and Care

The committee is the employer of all staff of the organisation and are responsible for the management and control of the organisation. The preschool is an approved provider of education and care under the Children (Education and Care Services National Law Application) Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Management Committee

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