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At Brayside Community Preschool, our kids participate in a variety of exciting events and activities throughout the year which they thoroughly enjoy being a part of

Police Visit – promoting child safety

We are very grateful that we had a visit from Officer Tegan who is a Coffs Harbour Child Protection Officer and Yarob who is the Multicultural Laison Officer in our community. Tegan introduced Officer Charlie- Charlie is the penguin character in the Police safety story- ‘Keeping Me Safe.’ We identified who are safe people- The children identified mums, dads, Nanny, sisters, grandpas and brothers as safe people. Tegan added doctors, teachers, fire people, nurses, dentists are also safe people we can go to for help.

We identified safe symbols- Hospital, Fire station and the information center.

Tegan talked about road safety and we identified some things that keep us safe around roads:

  • Waiting for the green light before you cross the road
  • Holding hands when you cross the road
  • Listen, watch, look twice before you cross the road
  • Wearing seat belts and sitting in your car seat when driving in the car.

Tegan discussed what to do if you feel unsafe (stranger danger);

  • Always stay with a safe adult
  • Don’t wander off by yourself
  • Don’t take presents/ treats from people you don’t know
  • Tell a safe adult if you don’t feel safe.

And the Safe places to go when you don’t feel safe are your bedroom, your house, the police station, schools or hospitals. Reminder…… 000 (Zero, Zero, Zero) is the number to call if you feel unsafe or danger.