Brayside History

Brayside Community Preschool first commenced as a service in 1984, and was converted into a purpose built Early Childhood Learning Centre in August 1997

Brayside History

The History of Brayside Community Preschool

Servicing Coffs Harbour since 1984

Brayside Community Preschool commenced as a service in 1984. It is a 2 Unit Centre with a license for up to 45 children each day. In August 1997 the preschool was granted sufficient funds by the Community Services (DoCS) to buy land and build a purpose built centre to cater more specifically for children in the Coffs Harbour area.

Funding for the preschool continues to come from two main sources:

  • The Department of Community Services
  • Fees paid by the parents
  • Fund raising activities

A Non-Profit Organisation

Our organisation does not raise a profit from the provision of the preschool program. All monies generated from parent fees and received through funding grants are utilised in the provision of the program.

The members of our management committee are voluntary and all savings are allocated to necessary maintenance and replacement of resources. Fees are determined by the management committee each year with consideration of projected running costs. Fees are kept to a minimum at all times.

An Incorporated Association

Brayside Community Preschool became an incorporated association in 1995. In payment of the registration fee each family becomes a member of the association for the period of your child’s enrolment at the pre-school.

This means that as a member of the association you have voting rights at each Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting that is called over the year. You can nominate to be part of the management committee.

You also have the right to forward your ideas and concerns to the elected management committee for consideration. The management committee are elected to represent the interests of all members of the association.