Belonging, Being & Becoming

Brayside Community Preschool is a community-based preschool playing and working on Gumbaynggirr land. We are a community who believes in supporting families. Together we build and strengthen meaningful partnerships with children, their families and the local community

Preschools Coffs Harbour

Brayside Community Preschool Coffs Harbour

Brayside Community Preschool shares the same vision for children’s learning as The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

All children engage in learning that promotes confident and creative individuals and successful lifelong learners. All children are active and informed members of their communities with knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives.

BELONGING, BEING & BECOMING: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia – V2.0, 2022

What’s Happening at Brayside Preschool

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Our Preschool

All about Brayside Community Preschool

We have created learning spaces where children test their ideas through questions, repetition, experimenting and problem solving in both individual and collaborative ways. The philosophy and mission for Brayside Preschool is embedded in the vision and principles of The Early Years Learning Framework.

Brayside Community Preschool History

Brayside History

In August 1997 the preschool was granted sufficient funds by the Community Services (DoCS) to buy land and build a purpose built centre to cater more specifically for children in the Coffs Harbour area.

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Brayside Preschool Management Committe

Management Committee

The management will direct its activities towards achieving the organisation’s goals and implementing the organisation’s Quality Improvement Plan. We achieve this by effectively guiding and monitoring the organisation’s business and affairs.

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Brayside Preschool Philosophy

Philosophy and Mission

The philosophy and mission for Brayside Preschool is embedded in the vision and principles of The Early Years Learning Framework and the principles laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF,1989).

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Brayside Preschool Sustainability

Preschool Sustainability

Our administration processes are designed to participate in the sustainability of our preschool by using environmentally friendly products and using grant funding to support conservation.

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Brayside Preschool Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Our Parent Resources page includes a buch of links to helpful websites related to community networks, health and education, child protection and parenting to help you find relevant resources in the local community.

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What Our Families Say

Sharing Brayside Preschool Experiences

Scott and Lola

The culture that Janette fosters at Brayside is all about providing a safe, fun, enjoyable environment for children to flourish. The group of women that work at Brayside are not kids straight out of school looking for a job. They are women who have typically had their own kids and choose to work at Brayside due to their love of utilising their teaching qualifications and caring for children in a great preschool.

Scott and Lola

Nicky Susan

The best preschool in Coffs! Such a beautiful environment and the most amazing, beautiful, caring staff. I wouldn't leave my children anywhere else! Love it!

Nicky Susan

Amy Lawler

Loved this preschool. My daughter was going here and she was always happy there, loved going and wanted to go on her days off. My son who was too young to go also loved being there. The classroom and outside areas are amazing always with new areas set up for the kids to explore.

Amy Lawler

Mark Wray

Best preschool in the world!!! seriously, my wife and I have 5 kids, 3 have or are attending and the other 2 will be, thanks so much guys!!

Mark Wray

Gerard and Nicole Martin

This is the best preschool ever! Parents love it, children love it and even people who just drop by say that they have a sense of peace and happiness in this place. So true!!!

Gerard and Nicole Martin