News and Events

At Brayside Community Preschool, our kids participate in a variety of exciting events and activities throughout the year which they thoroughly enjoy being a part of

Learning through Community Visitors

We have been learning about personal safety and implementing the Child Safe Standards at our preschool with the help of our community. We had a visit from Constable Caitlyn from Coffs Harbour Police. This was an opportunity to learn about what the police do in our community to help keep us safe and about safe people in our community. The children heard about and learned some strategies for what to do in an emergency.

We also had a visit from fire commander Matt Herbert. Matt talked to us about good fires and bad fires and what to do if there is a fire in your house. We practiced getting down low and crawling out from the fire and smoke and staying safe. Continuing our Safety Learning we had a reptile incursion from Reptile World teaching about reptiles in our environment.

Last but not least, Jonas came to perform some African Drumming for us. The children joined in and had lots of fun playing on his drums and dancing to the music. He also told us about how the animals dig for rain and treated us to stories and songs from his culture.