Jodie Foy



Bachelor of Education
(Early Childhood – Honors)

My Philosophy

My personal philosophy is to make a significant contribution to the community through educating individual children.

Importance is placed on working collaboratively with children, families and colleagues to provide meaningful learning experiences both indoors and outdoors.

I believe that play holds a major role in making learning a meaningful and fun experience. Play is always fun, challenging and often messy; using all the senses.

In placing so much significance on the importance on play, I also acknowledge that every child has their own talent and interest that makes them unique.

There are a number of theorists who influence my personal philosophy, including Howard Gardner, Lev Vygotsky and Uri Bronfenbrenner. Together, these theorists highlight the uniqueness of each child and their own talents; the importance peers play in the learning process and also the influence the family and wider community has on individuals and their learning.

– Jodie Foy –