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Brayside Community Preschool Our Educators and Staff

Janette Allen-Vie

Our educators - Janette Allen-Vie

I believe that understanding children and responding to them in a community of collaboration opens the curriculum to all possibilities … read more.

Kristie Bertie

 Our educators - Kristie Bertie

It is my desire as an educator to instill a love of learning & to provide an environment that is safe, supports risk-taking and invites a sharing of ideas … read more.

Jodie Foy

Our educators - Jodie Foy

I believe that play holds a major role in making learning a meaningful and fun experience. Play is always fun, challenging and often messy … read more.

Jane Kelly

Our educators - Jane Kelly

I believe that every child, regardless of culture, socio-economic background and intelligence has the right to a quality education, beginning as toddlers … read more.

Danielle Rees

Our educators - Danielle Rees

Observations not only aide in creating the curriculum but also give insight into the development, knowledge and skill levels of each individual child … read more.

Kristy Suters

Our educators - Kristy Suters

I believe that a learning environment that reflects the natural environment and engages children’s curiosity, excitement and wonderment is important … read more.

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