Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Brayside Preschool Privacy and Confidentiality Policy


Our preschool requires personal information from families to provide appropriate and responsive care. This information needs to be maintained and managed by the preschool in a private and confidential manner.


The preschool will maintain private and confidential files for educators, children and their families. These records will be securely stored and maintained. The preschool will maintain records according to the National Privacy Principles.


The preschool defines the aims of this statement through specific privacy and confidentiality policies. These are:

  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Record Keeping
  • Online Privacy

These individual policies will guide practices within the preschool.

The Approved Provider will:

  • Ensure that information collected from families, educators and the community is maintained in a private and confidential manner at all times
  • Ensure that such information is not divulged or communicated (directly or indirectly) to another person other than the ways outlined as appropriate in the preschool National Regulations 2011, 181, which says information can be communicated:
  1. To the extent necessary for the education, care or medical treatment of the child
  2. To the parent of the child to whom the information relates (except for information in staff records)
  3. To the regulatory authority or an authorised officer
  4. As authorised, permitted or required to be given by or under any act or law
  5. With written consent of the person who provided the information

The Nominated Supervisor will:

  • Maintain up-to-date enrolment records, including information from families on immunisation updates, contact details of family members, emergency contact information and any medical or legal information required by the education and care service
  • Ensure that preschool records, personnel records, and children’s information is stored according to policy and remains private and confidential within the preschool environment at all times

Educators will:

  • Maintain children’s information and store documentation according to policy at all times
  • Not share information about the preschool, management information, other educators or children and families, without written permission or legislative authority

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