Our Programs

The intention behind our programs

Our program pedagogical practices are built upon the Australian Early Years Learning Framework with specific focus on learning through play. We provide natural learning spaces within the indoor and outdoor environments that foster exploration and investigation.

Program Overview

We believe that consultation with children in relationship with their learning is important because it creates a closer match between the child and the curriculum it is experiencing.

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Areas of Learning

Children at Brayside Community Preschool are learning through all their activities and interactions throughout the day. From language, science and mathematics through to creative arts.

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Goals & Objectives

Our goals and objectives encompass a framework that has five significant goals that will assist your child to develop a strong sense of identity, connections with their world and a strong sense of wellbeing.

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Our Preschool

We are a community who believes in supporting families. Together we build and strengthen meaningful partnerships with children, their families and the local community.

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Our Educators

At Brayside we encourage parents to participate in partnership with our educational team through the contribution of information about their child where family background, culture and values are identified.

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