Jane Kelly



Certificate III Child Studies

Currently completing Diploma

My Philosophy

I believe that every child, regardless of culture, socio-economic background and intelligence has the right to a quality education, beginning as toddlers. Every child has a right to be respected, appreciated and loved.

Every child learns differently and we must nurture, respect and accommodate these differences. I embrace Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences and have a strong interest in visual-spatial learning.

A beautiful, natural learning environment, rich in resources but also providing opportunity for exploration is an integral part of a child’s learning. I embrace Reggio Emilia’s importance of art and creativity and theory that environment is the first teacher.

Young children learn best in a play-based environment that utilizes their natural curiosity, passion and sense of adventure, where play is fueled by their interest and learning naturally occurs as they play. Children must be supported by educators to enable them to extend their own learning and I utilise Lev Vygotsky’s theories of scaffolding and Zone of Proximinal development to support this.

Children must be provided with opportunities to master social skills such as communicating, sharing, forming friendships, taking turns, listening, respecting others and working in a team. We must accommodate our special needs children with an inclusive policy that offers dignity, respect and equal opportunities. Children should be exposed to a wide range of art, literacy, music, sport opportunities to become well-rounded people with diverse interests.

– Jane Kelly –