Arrival and Departure Policy

Brayside Preschool Arrival and Departure Policy


Our arrival and departure policy outlines the requirements for authorisation of actions such as administration of medications, collection of children, excursions and providing access to personal records. This policy outlines what constitutes a correct authorisation and what does not, and may therefore result in a refusal.


We will ensure that we only act in accordance with correct authorisation as described in the Education and Care Services National Regulations, 2011.


The Nominated Supervisor will ensure documentation relating to authorisations contains:

  • The name of the child enrolled in the service
  • Date
  • Signature of the child’s parent/guardian, or nominated contact person who is on the enrolment forms
  • The original form/letter/register provided by the service
  • Apply these authorisations to the collection of children, administration of medication, excursion and access to records.
  • Keep these authorisations in the enrolment record.
  • Exercise the right of refusal if written or verbal authorisations do not comply.
  • Waive compliance where a child requires emergency medical treatment for conditions such as anaphylaxis or asthma. The service can administer medication without authorisation in these cases, provided they contact the parent/guardian as soon as practicable after the medication has been administered.

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